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Stylish decorative elements for the furniture industry in first-class quality

At Berg + Voss we produce furniture handles, furniture knobs, aluminum handle strips as well as Decorative elements made of metal. All our products we manufacture at our site in Rietberg so that we can strictly monitor the production chain. The successful combination of modern machines and the know-how of our employees is our recipe for success. With us you can get first-class aluminum profiles, made individually according to your wishes. Just give us a call and tell us your ideas.

Various types of decorative elements

We offer different types of decorative elements. We have about 150 different aluminum profiles in our assortment, which you can use to decorate your furniture or functionally as handles. The decorative elements made of aluminum convince with a low dead weight and a modern look, which is perfectly compatible with contemporary furniture in particular. You can choose between modern solutions with minimalist design, trendy models in black brushed anodized surface or in stylish stainless steel look. In addition to manufacturing, we also offer powder coating and painting of decorative elements, so that a variety of designs are possible.

Decorative elements for the furniture industry

As a manufacturer, we supply exclusively to the industry. Berg + Voss manufactures the products in series to order always exactly according to customer requirements. You are welcome to call our competent team for advice and to learn more about the various application possibilities. In addition to our standard range, we also manufacture individual models according to drawings. Just let your creativity run free. Berg + Voss turns your idea into reality!

Customized furniture exterior fittings for the furniture industry

Berg + Voss is your specialist for the production of Exterior furniture fittings. Our offer is aimed exclusively at companies from the industry. We offer small and large quantities at fair prices. In addition, we attach great importance to precision and quality. Good customer service and individual consulting make us the ideal contact for your projects. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Furniture exterior fittings in different styles

Furniture exterior fittings give the finishing touches to pieces of furniture. They emphasize the design in a stylish way and create a successful eye-catcher. In addition to serving a purpose as a handle, furniture hardware such as aluminum trim is also used purely as a decorative element. At Berg + Voss, we can manufacture exterior furniture hardware of all types, responding to individual design requests. We are happy to make trendy models in finishes such as copper or black with fine structure. But with us you can also order furniture exterior fittings in used look or with leather applications.

High quality furniture exterior fittings from German production

Berg + Voss manufactures its furniture fittings exclusively in Germany. This means that we always have an eye on production and can intervene if necessary. We can also react flexibly to change requests in this way. We have modern machinery with CNC machining centers and zinc die casting equipment with Kuka robot connection. The machining of blanks for ZDG handles and aluminum profiles is still largely carried out manually, always with an eye to impeccable quality.

If you have any further questions or would like detailed advice, please feel free to contact us. Our team has years of experience and the necessary expertise to help you competently. You can also benefit from our short delivery times.

Vibratory finishing as a contract service at Berg + Voss

As part of the production of furniture fittings, we at Berg + Voss carry out a wide variety of blank machining processes. This includes vibratory finishing, also known as barrel finishing, which we use to treat materials such as zinc, aluminum, steel, brass and plastic to achieve the desired surface finish.

Vibratory finishing in brief

When metal or plastic is shaped by sawing, machining, casting or punching, burrs form on the workpieces. To avoid having to remove these manually, vibratory finishing machines are used. In these, punched parts, saw cuttings, turned parts, milled parts or even bent parts are deburred with special grinding stones, water and compound. Depending on which grinding stones and which compound are used, the workpieces can also be smoothed, polished, matted or cleaned. We keep grinding wheels in all common sizes and shapes. In our special process, the parts to be machined are deburred, degreased and provided with corrosion protection in a single operation so that they can be further processed immediately.

Vibratory finishing as a contract service

We are not only a manufacturer of furniture fittings, but as a service provider we offer, among other things, vibratory finishing as a contract service. If you are looking for an experienced partner to carry out the barrel finishing of your workpieces exactly according to your specifications, please contact us. We will be pleased to submit you an individual offer.

In addition to vibratory grinding, we also perform contract services such as powder coating and wet painting of metals and non-metals according to customer specifications.

Aluminum extrusions: Extruded aluminum profiles in all shapes at Berg + Voss.

Aluminum is used in numerous industries, including the furniture industry, because of its high specific strength, but also because of its appearance and the wide range of processing options. The lightweight material can be formed into any profile shape by extrusion. These extruded aluminum profiles are used in furniture manufacturing, for example, as handle strips for handleless kitchen cabinets or also as frame profiles for wooden or glass fronts. Profiles without a harpoon bar are also very popular as a screw-on handle variant, as they can be supplied in various lengths to suit any front. At Berg + Voss, we process extruded aluminum profiles according to individual customer specifications.

Machining of aluminum extrusions

In one of our CNC machining centers, we provide the profiles with cutouts and radii exactly to measure. The profile is then processed further manually. Depending on the surface requirements, it is ground, polished or brushed.

Surface finishing of aluminum extrusions

We offer various processes for surface finishing. On the one hand, there are anodized surfaces such as natural anodized, black anodized brushed or stainless steel look brushed. In addition, we also carry out powder coating and wet painting in the surface department.

If you need extruded profiles for furniture production, please contact us.

We will gladly manufacture an aluminum profile exactly according to your specifications.

Aluminum extrusion – High quality aluminum profiles for use in the furniture industry.

With our extruded aluminum profiles your furniture gets the finishing touch. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the many design variations that a profile offers. Decide on one of our over 150 different Aluminum extrusions. The profile is then sawn to the desired length and milled in our CNC-controlled machining centers. Milling and radii are possible according to your wishes. Then the manual processing takes place, threads are drilled, the surface is brushed or polished. In the end, your aluminum profile will get the surface you choose. This can be a wet paint, a powder coating or a noble anodized surface. There are no limits to your wishes.

Aluminum – light metal of the best quality

Each Berg + Voss aluminum extrusion is manufactured at our Rietberg site and machined to our customers’ specifications. Therefore, you can rely 100 percent on quality work “Made in Germany”. Contact us about your need and we will make you a good offer immediately. We can supply you with standard sizes as well as special models in small or large quantities in a timely manner. You only need to choose your aluminum extrusion.

Concepts from a single source – from prototype to series production of aluminum extrusions

As specialists in aluminum profiles, we offer over 150 different models. Since we process only the best materials, each aluminum extrusion from our production convinces with the highest precision and a minimum tolerance in the marginal range. From the very first consultation, take advantage of our broad know-how based on years of experience gained in the market.

Classic segment arch handles from Berg + Voss

Segment arch handles convince with a slightly curved, very slim shape and are therefore suitable for numerous pieces of furniture. They are ideal for minimalist designs, but also harmonize perfectly with classic and timeless furniture. At Berg + Voss, we manufacture segmental arch handles that perfectly match your furniture series. In addition to an attractive appearance, our products also convince with first-class quality and a long service life.

Manufacturing and surface finishing

Our segmental arch handles can be used in a variety of ways. Especially often you can find them in the office, because they rest on the front, so you can not get caught on them. We offer various surface finishes so that they can be perfectly matched to the furniture in terms of color and style. Our segmental arch handles can be supplied in a classic glossy chrome or matte finish, as well as in a stainless steel look. But what distinguishes us from our competitors is that we can also manufacture the handles in the color of your choice – whether pastel or black matte with texture. When you order your handles from us, you can look forward to fast order processing, personalized advice and high-quality manufacturing. We have many years of experience and are also equipped with modern machines for metal processing and surface finishing. We produce exclusively in Germany, so we can offer you first-class quality products. In addition, we can always keep an eye on the entire manufacturing process in this way and optimize it if necessary.

Segment arch handles made of different materials

We offer various materials for the production of segment bow handles. We work with steel, zinc and aluminum. Whether you produce modern or more classic furniture, in us you will find the ideal supplier for your segment arch handles. Our team will be happy to advise you in detail about the various options. Just give us a call! We will deliver your furniture handles in the desired quantity.

Premium quality railing handles

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer for high quality Relief handles? Then your search is over with Berg + Voss. We produce all kinds of handles for companies from the furniture industry. In doing so, we attach great importance to first-class quality and demand-oriented production.

Reling handles in all variations

Reling handle owes its name to its special shape, visually reminiscent of a ship’s railing. The design is usually simple and functional, so it can be combined with furniture of all kinds. Especially modern pieces of furniture are often decorated with relief handles. They are suitable for chests of drawers, closets, kitchen cabinets, sideboards, TV boards and much more. We can make railing handles in the size you need and from your preferred material. For example, we offer handles made of steel, aluminum and even with a cover of leather. In addition to manufacturing, we are also happy to take care of surface finishing, giving the handles a stylish finish.

Years of experience in the production of railing handles

Berg + Voss has a lot of experience in metal processing and can also easily produce filigree relief handles in small sizes. Modern machines and the expertise of our employees are used in the process. We flexibly respond to the wishes of our customers and deliver railing handles in the desired quantity. We manufacture all our products in our own production hall in Rietberg. There we have more than 4,000 m² at our disposal. If you are interested in our services and would like to receive individual advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you and will gladly make you an offer!

Order furniture decorative fittings in your desired design from Berg + Voss

Berg + Voss provides high quality furniture decorative fittings also according to individual customer specifications. We specialize in metal processing and offer our customers first-class solutions for the furniture industry. Since our production site is located in Germany, we can flexibly respond to customer needs and provide you with excellent quality. We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers, respond to your wishes down to the last detail and are always available to help and advise you.

The production and finishing of furniture ornamental fittings

Our modern machinery and years of experience give us the ability to execute your request in a timely manner. We not only manufacture the furniture decorative hardware you want, but also provide you with high-quality surface finishing. We use various methods, such as galvanized and anodized surfaces as well as powder and paint coatings. We can also fulfill special wishes and realize your furniture ornamental fittings in used look and trendy colors. For example, we offer furniture decorative fittings in copper or in a contemporary stainless steel design. Fine work is not a problem for us.

Quality meets precision

Whether you want modern Furniture ornamental fittings minimalist look or antique-inspired models, we can help you. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the options available and help you find the ideal solution for your company. We produce both small quantities and large series. Quality and precision are our top priorities, so you end up with a real premium product. In addition to the production and finishing of furniture decorative fittings, we offer many other services, such as the manufacture of coat hooks and Furniture feet. If you are interested in our offer, just send us an inquiry or call us.

Noble chrome handles for modern furniture

We offer you the whole world of innovative chrome handles for your furniture series. The scope of our offer for bathroom, living room, kitchen furniture and all other furnishings ranges from ordinary zinc die-cast handles to bar handles and aluminum profiles in chrome gloss. Chrome handles attract the eye on both dark and light surfaces. Our knobs, mouldings and trays for hinged and sliding doors all impress with visually appealing designs. On our homepage you can get a first overview of our product variety. Almost every model shown is also available in the noble surface glossy chrome.

Durable, easy-to-clean chrome handles from Berg and Voss

To match your high quality furniture, we also produce high quality chrome handles for you in large quantities at our site in Germany. If you have special requests, then we are at your disposal for consultation and joint planning. In addition to our chrome-plated standard handles, we also manufacture special models on time at the agreed date, so that you can also meet your delivery deadlines. We will be happy to work with you to develop a concept for equipping your furniture series with all metal components, from handles to purely visual design elements made of aluminum, die-cast zinc or steel.

Unique feel of the handles from Rietberg

With every touch of our chrome handles, end users feel the attention to detail with which we designed and produced the models. All round and square handles from our production are very comfortable to hold when opening cabinet doors and drawers. Take advantage of the high quality of our chrome handles “Made in Germany” and give your cabinets, highboards and sideboards that certain something.

Berg & Voss – Professional aluminum machining for highest demands

In our Aluminum processing we combine craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. In doing so, we always keep the wishes and needs of our demanding industrial customers in mind: Exquisite quality embedded in uncompromisingly reliable product ideas. We would like to invite you to be convinced by the expertly selected aluminum products from Berg + Voss. The processing of Aluminum extrusions include sawing, milling, vibratory grinding, brushing or polishing in the area of blank machining. Our subsequent surface finishing promises the best results.

Excellent prospects: Our diverse surface finishes

An equally careful and expert surface finishing completes our production chain. Raw parts made of aluminum, zinc, steel or plastic are powder-coated or painted in the customer’s desired color by our trained process mechanics for coating technology. Another possibility of surface finishing is galvanizing or anodizing e.g. in chrome gloss or stainless steel optics. Our wide variety of coating options is also impressive when it comes to design possibilities, which hardly any other handle manufacturer offers. For example, our customers appreciate the fact that we use handles and aluminum profiles that match the color of the front to really set the scene for their furniture.

Trust in craftsmanship made in Germany!

As a renowned metal manufactory based in Westphalia, we are guided by the promise that made in Germany stands for worldwide. This refers to both the quality of our aluminum machining and the service we have been providing to our industrial customers for many years. If you would like an individual price quote or additional information on our product portfolio, they will also be happy to provide you with helpful advice.

Bathroom handles made in Germany – quality that inspires

Products manufactured in Germany convince consumers worldwide with excellent quality and shapely workmanship. Thus, the predicate made in Germany enjoys a reputation as a reliable promise that we at Berg + Voss are happy to heed – regardless of whether you want to enhance your production with elegant Bathroom handles, extraordinary Aluminum strips or filigree decorative elements would like to enrich.

Our range for your satisfaction

With attention to durable properties and multi-faceted designs, we manufacture our bathroom handles. Here we offer our customers practical possibilities of individualization: Let us know your wishes! With our more than 150 different aluminum profiles, which we keep in stock for you, you determine not only the length, but also the drilling distances, the cut-outs as well as the radii. In this way, each profile becomes a completely customized product.

We are also the right contact for you as a demanding customer when it comes to new designs. Bringing us on board from the start ensures we help create a product experience that inspires from its conception. If you are looking for a new look for your renowned bathroom handles collections, we will also be happy to point you to our wide portfolio of surface coatings.

The Berg + Voss standard: furniture fittings in perfection

Uncompromisingly qualitative raw materials form the basis of our bathroom handles, which we manufacture with the greatest care in Germany. If we then combine our product ideas with our many years of experience, we can offer our customers excellent manufacturing results. We additionally individualize these on request to meet our claim: The production of perfect furniture fittings.

Convince yourself of this standard – we will be happy to send you samples and further information about our products.

Berg + Voss – we produce high quality metal fittings

Berg + Voss has specialized in Metal fittings such as handles and knobs for the furniture industry. Our main focus is on the production of decorative metal furniture exterior fittings. However, we also offer other solutions, such as our high-quality leather or glass handles. When you order high quality metal fittings from us, you will receive individually designed solutions, designed and manufactured according to your wishes.

High quality metal fittings according to your wishes

Metal fittings have mainly a decorative effect. They contribute to the overall design of a piece of furniture and are usually very fine and detailed design. Thanks to our modern CNC machining centers, we can achieve extremely accurate results in the machining of our aluminum extrusions. The customer determines the radii and the size of the cut-outs. In addition, we offer finishing of the finished metal fittings. Through powder coating, painting or galvanic finishing, high-quality metal fittings can be visually changed and optimally adapted to your furniture.

Our quality promise

We have many years of experience in the production of metal fittings for the furniture industry. In addition, we have the necessary expertise to implement your projects according to your ideas. Our production site is located in Germany, so we can flexibly respond to change requests at any time, even during ongoing production. In addition, we have the possibility to offer you a consistently good quality, because we can constantly monitor the production chain. When you high quality metal fittings would like to place an order with us, then simply contact us. Send us a request by e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and send you a non-binding offer.

Trim for furniture from German production

Trim enhances your furniture! We are your contact when it comes to decorative elements made of aluminum. Berg + Voss is one of the few companies that manufactures furniture handles and grip strips exclusively in Germany. We complement your furniture with visually appealing elements made of aluminum, for example, in chrome gloss. In addition to the visual effect, the trims can also have a function as a connecting element. We will be happy to work with you to implement the design ideas of your internal and external designers.

Berg & Voss – When it comes to high-quality furniture fittings

In a production hall of 4000 m² we are able to produce any kind of furniture feet, handles, coat hooks and trims. From the blank to the finished product, we manufacture each item to order. Thus, each customer has the option of a different surface finish. Also included are surface finishing, packaging and delivery. In consultation you can also get from us small series of furniture handles. Take a look at our extensive product catalog and convince yourself of the variety and quality.

Berg & Voss: Quality to the point

An equally important role as furniture handles play decorative moldings. They give each piece of furniture the individual character. At our business location in Rietberg, we work with different materials. Aluminum, zinc, wood and glass are modern materials. They meet the requirements of the particular use and are designed by us in professional craftsmanship appealing. Contact us today to order furniture handle samples.

Decorative furniture fittings for functional furniture

Based on many years of experience in the furniture industry, we have developed a wide variety of decorative furniture fittings for your furniture series. We offer you the right hardware for every style of interior, which will make your furniture for the bathroom, hallway, kitchen and any other room in the house an eye-catcher. Furniture fittings range from elegant to simple models. Furniture fittings range from elegant to simple models. We currently have more than 150 different aluminum profiles available in stock at any time.

Order furniture fittings from Berg und Voss in Rietberg

Knowing the needs of furniture manufacturers across the country, we also offer custom development of new hardware as a service. We produce samples at short notice so that you can present your new products at a trade fair on time. Talk to us about your ideas and wishes and we will implement them together with you according to the technical possibilities. The company Berg und Voss produces for you only at its headquarters in Rietberg, so all fittings are “Made in Germany”.

Robust, decorative furniture fittings for durable furniture

Each of our models, whether a die-cast zinc furniture handle or an aluminum handle, is designed and manufactured in our factory with the utmost care to your complete satisfaction. With our furniture fittings you will inspire your customers all over the world. On our homepage you can get a first overview of our product range.

Custom leather handles from Berg + Voss

Berg & Voss manufactures high quality leather handles for furniture production. We have our own production site in Germany, which is equipped with modern machinery. This allows us to respond flexibly to the wishes of our customers. We offer both small quantities and large production quantities, and we place great emphasis on first-class quality and excellent customer service during production. In addition to leather handles, we offer many other products, such as furniture feet and coat hooks and rods.

High quality leather handles in various finishes

Leather handles add an elegant and individual touch to any piece of furniture. The natural material is absolutely trendy right now and is the ideal choice for designer furniture in various styles. Thus, leather handles fit both minimalist furniture and stylish vintage furniture. In addition to an attractive appearance, handles made of leather inspire with a pleasant feel and an exclusive quality. Of course, we use only selected leather as raw material. In addition, we manufacture leather handles in various sizes, shapes and colors, and offer custom designs that we realize according to your wishes. We closely monitor our production chain and only ship products that meet our high standards.

We advise you

If you are interested in our leather handles, please feel free to send us an inquiry. We will get back to you promptly with a quote. In addition, we are of course always available to advise you. Due to our many years of experience in manufacturing leather handles and our extensive expertise, we can help you find the ideal solution for your purposes. Just contact us and benefit from our wide range of services.

Our kitchen handles inspire you with quality Made in Germany

Made in Germany is considered a reliable seal of quality trusted by manufacturers and consumers worldwide. This is hardly surprising, since products manufactured in Germany convince with hard-wearing properties and a visually appealing design. With this expectation in mind, the Berg + Voss kitchen handles range has been put together: Quality materials are the starting point for aesthetic products that satisfy the highest demands.

Practical facets at fair conditions

Our flexible aluminum profiles are popularly used as kitchen handles in different lengths. We deliver special sizes already from 1 piece. You will find in our assortment not only noble anodized and galvanic surfaces, but also trendy powder and lacquer coatings, which refine the kitchen handles with reliable durability for daily use. At Berg + Voss, only high-quality materials such as aluminum, zinc, steel, leather, wood and glass are processed.

Regardless of which models you choose: Customer-oriented pricing characterizes our carefully compiled selection of kitchen handles as standard.

Your satisfaction is our claim

We are happy to be your reliable contact based in Westphalia. Are you looking for clever solutions for your kitchen furniture? From the individualization of lengths, drilling distances, radii and milled out areas to a huge variety of surfaces and competent advice from our product experts, we are always at your side with our expertise. In addition, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Berg + Voss kitchen handles range.

We look forward to inspiring you with our product portfolio!

Glass handles for furniture from Berg + Voss

Glass handles for modern furniture are the icing on the cake. A transparent material not only creates visual lightness, but also looks particularly noble on the cabinet. We produce glass handles in various sizes and shapes. You can choose from our existing range or express your wishes. As an experienced producer of glass and metal handles, we manufacture handles exclusively for the furniture industry. With expertise Berg + Voss is your contact for handles made of glass. With business location in Rietberg, Germany, we implement orders promptly and deliver the desired handles reliably and quickly.

When it comes to glass and furniture handles ask Berg + Voss

Take a look at our product range of handles combined with glass, leather or wood. This shows the diversity of our work. More than a detail, handles represent a visual highlight for us. They look visually appealing and fulfill their functionality. We bring this concept into symbiosis.

We attach great importance to high quality and deliver to you on time. The production of our aluminum furniture handles and grip strips begins with the processing of the raw part and ends with the refined product. All manufacturing processes take place in Germany. Zinc die-cast handles are cast and manually machined at the Rietberg site or pass through one of our vibratory finishing machines before being given the desired finish. This can be a noble galvanic surface (chrome gloss, stainless steel look) or a very durable powder coating. Our references show well-known furniture manufacturers with whom we cooperate. Contact us today.

Furniture handles from German production in a wide range

Furniture handles – this is our theme. Berg + Voss is your contact when it comes to the manufacture of furniture fittings. We offer a wide range of handles and handles made of aluminum. Our product range specifically addresses the furniture industry. This makes us an important supplier to the furniture industry. With more than 150 different aluminum profiles in stock at all times, you’ll find a wide selection of handles for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. We are talking here from the classic handle for the drawer to handle strips as a decorative element or coat hooks.

Furniture handles from the professional with production location Germany

In order to ensure consistently high quality, an inspection is carried out after each work step. Our products remain in-house here at the Rietberg site from the raw part to the painted or powder-coated surface. Galvanic and anodized surfaces are carried out at partner companies and the surrounding area. Here, too, we guarantee consistent quality without color fluctuations.

First class handles for furniture production

Our production site in Germany covers an area of 4000 m². This gives us the opportunity to customize furniture handles. In doing so, we naturally take into account your wishes in terms of design and surface. Our surface variety is almost limitless for each product. We can display all RAL shades as well as set special shades specifically according to customer requirements. Also in use is the very popular fine structure powder, which is also available in different colors. Due to many years of experience, our furniture handles are among the best you will find in Germany. Your design wishes are our challenge for high-quality handles and grip strips for the furniture industry. A product you can count on. We work reliably and on time for you thanks to short delivery routes.

Order high quality furniture feet from Berg + Voss

Furniture feet often have to bear a lot of weight, so they should have a particularly good stability. This is especially true for feet of beds, of heavy cabinets or of chests of drawers. At Berg + Voss, we manufacture individual furniture feet made of steel or aluminum and offer you not only a high-quality end product, but also the realization of individual design requests. Our offer is aimed at customers from the furniture industry. We are happy to produce your furniture feet in series. Just contact us and we will find a solution for your company.

Benefit from our experience and know-how

When you order your furniture feet from us, you can benefit from our many years of experience, from our modern machinery and from our numerous manufacturing and finishing methods. We use only high quality metal and manufacture all our products at our site in Rietberg. This allows us to closely monitor the entire manufacturing process and take corrective action at any time. After production, we finish the furniture feet according to your wishes. Possible are, for example, colored powdered or painted surfaces or classic in chrome gloss or stainless steel look.

We will gladly advise you

Berg + Voss responds individually to your wishes. We accompany you from the planning to the completion of your products and advise you comprehensively. If you do not find what you are looking for on our website, just contact us. We will be happy to realize your idea together with you. If you then decide to commission your furniture feet from us, we will be happy to provide you with a quote. You can reach us by phone or e-mail.

Shapely bathroom handles for a pleasant living ambience

Bathroom handles: As a specialist in handle production in Germany, we offer the full range of visually appealing bathroom handles. With our models, you can optimally design all the furniture in the bathroom. You can choose from different shapes, colors and materials. With our handle strips and decorative elements for base cabinets, for washstands, for highboards and for drawer towers, you can conjure up a cozy flair in the bathroom, the guest toilet and the sauna area in the basement of the house.

Bathroom handles from Berg & Voss from Rietberg

Since our entire production takes place at our location in Rietberg, we can also produce individually designed bathroom handles in small and large quantities for all our customers at short notice. We offer you all services from consulting to design and manufacturing from one source in Germany. Flexible and reliable, we respond to all your wishes. Make your furniture series for the bathroom a trendsetter in the world of bathroom furniture with our handles. On our website you will find numerous examples of modern, classic and avant-garde handles for the design of the bathroom.

Competence and experience – professionals for handles

As a supplier of bathroom handles for the furniture industry, we are passionate about meeting the high demands our customers place on us. Each individual handle is robust and convinces with a long life. Easy to maintain bathroom handles from our production turn plain cabinets for the bathroom into elegant bathroom fixtures. In our large assortment you can find the right handles for every style of furniture.

Please contact us. Together we realize your ideas!

Aluminum profiles for the furniture industry from Berg and Voss

Aluminum, often simply called aluminum, is often used as a handle or grip in the furniture industry due to its material properties. The sturdy metal is not only particularly lightweight, it is also characterized by its long service life and excellent corrosion resistance. The profiles are sawn to the desired length according to the customer’s specifications and are provided with milled out sections and radii in our CNC machining centers. The look and feel of aluminum can be changed at will by surface finishes such as brushing, polishing, anodizing, painting or powder coating. With us you get aluminum profiles for your furniture in a wide range and variety. At present, we have more than 130 different aluminum profiles in stock.

Aluminum profiles as handle strip or decorative element

In our company in Rietberg, we manufacture not only handles, coat hooks and furniture feet, but also aluminum profiles that are screwed on like a handle and handle strips with harpoon webs that are recessed into the front from above. Corner moldings made of aluminum, which are not only visually but also functionally, are also used by the furniture industry. We offer a wide range of profile moldings that can be used as visible elements in closets, living room walls, kitchens, wardrobes and also office furniture. Aluminum is also a popular material for the interior finishing of mobile homes, as it is important here to keep the weight as low as possible, but also to ensure durability. On our homepage you will find our complete product portfolio on aluminum profiles with profile drawings as download.

Individual production of aluminum profiles

The one you are looking for is not listed? Then please contact us. We also manufacture customized products according to your design draft. In our product development department, experienced designers implement your ideas using the latest CNC programs and produce hand samples. For the surface, you can choose from numerous types of finishing, from powder coating to painting and electroplating to anodizing. All work is carried out at our company headquarters in Rietberg in Westphalia, so that implementation at short notice is also possible at any time. We will be happy to advise you and find a solution for your design ideas as well.

Berg and Voss – handles for furniture in a wide selection

Furniture exterior fittings are not only functional, but also give the furniture front an individual character. Whether timeless-classic, modern or fancy designer piece, furniture fittings emphasize the style of the furniture. We manufacture handles in all imaginable shapes and colors or surfaces. Whether handle strip, knob or bow handle, organic or puristic shapes, made of aluminum, zinc, steel or brass, ground, brushed or polished: At Berg und Voss, the metal manufactory in Westphalia, furniture manufacturers find what they are looking for.

Furniture fittings “Made in Germany”

At our site in Rietberg, south of Bielefeld, we manufacture furniture fittings from a wide range of materials. In our extensive product portfolio you will find aluminum profiles, furniture handles, railing handles, aluminum frames, furniture feet and matching coat hooks in a large selection. We have over 150 different aluminum profiles in stock, ranging from filigree handle strips to profiles with harpoon webs. We offer galvanized or anodized surfaces, as well as painted and powder-coated products, depending on the raw material. You can even find handles with leather applications in our assortment. Are you looking for something specific? Our designers implement your individual design ideas and manufacture furniture fittings entirely according to your ideas. Since all production steps are carried out directly in our company, we can also implement special designs at short notice. We also guarantee short delivery times for series orders.

Furniture fittings from the raw part to the finished product

Our competences include not only the machining of blanks and coating, but also the assembly and packaging of your furniture fittings. We screw, press, glue and print or engrave your fittings, provide secure packaging as well as labeling, also with barcode on request. If you want to know more about our furniture handles, coat hooks, furniture feet and aluminum profiles, please do not hesitate to contact us!