Our service around metalworking

Our core competence is the production and processing of various metal components for the furniture industry and other industries. Our customers benefit from our manufacturing know-how acquired over many years. With our modern machinery on more than 4,000 m², we not only manufacture our own products, but also offer the following services:

CNC machining

on 4 machining centers

With our CNC-controlled machines, we process prototypes, small series and series parts made of different materials quickly and reliably in top quality.

Following the production of the blank, various surface finishes can follow. In addition to powder-coated and painted surfaces, we also offer galvanic and anodized finishes.

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Professional slipforming of a wide range of materials

Burrs occur in almost every shaping operation, be it casting, punching, sawing or machining.

The perfect interaction of machine, processing time, grinding wheel as well as compound and water allows the surface and edge appearance to be adjusted according to customer requirements.

1 operation – 3 processing steps: deburring, degreasing, corrosion protection

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Powder coating

Decorative surface finishing of metals and non-metals.

Powder coating is a particularly environmentally friendly process, as it does not require solvents.Powder coated surface have a long life, are durable, impact and scratch resistant.

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Wet paint

Paint is a liquid coating material that can have a protective or visual effect.

We have paint booths in the overpressure area, which are equipped with e-static systems and conventional coating technology.